60 Second PSA

www.FreeHelpMagazine.com is sponsoring National Interstate Infrastructure Week Dec 12th thru 19th. The National Bridge Inventory of The Federal Highway Administration has reported that the nation’s bridges have surpassed their original life span of 43 years. There is an immediate need for redeveloping the nation’s deteriorating interstate infrastructure. The FHWA has projected a need of an increased eight billion dollars of annual investment in the nation’s bridges in order to address this problem by 2028.The 50th anniversary of the Interstate System was in 2006. This means that our Interstate System is 59 years old. This means that the average bridge life span has been exceeded by 16 years! Visit www.FreeHelpMagazine.com to get contact information for your representatives and the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials to help get them to promote National Interstate Infrastructure Week to help raise funds to fix our infrastructure.


Interstate Infrastructure Week 60 Second PSA

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